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SoftChalk Create Online

Jan 2015 - Ongoing

SoftChalk Create Online is a lesson editor that can be used in Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge, or Safari.

It is backwards-compatible with SoftChalk Create, a desktop application for creating lessons.

A lesson is a collection of html pages that presents educational content. It can contain interactive activies, quizzes, and multimedia. Lessons can communicate with just about any Learning Management Systems (LMS), such as Blackboard, Canvas, or SoftChalk Cloud.

Justin is the primary and original developer of SoftChalk Create Online and continues to work with SoftChalk to maintain and improve the project

Electron Interface Replacement

Sep 2018 - Ongoing

SoftChalk is using Electron to bring SoftChalk Create Online to the desktop. The purpose is to streamline the development process and improve user experience.

By replacing the current product and bringing Create Online to the desktop, SoftChalk is consolidating their codebase

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Content Selection Tool

Sep 2017 - Apr 2018

SoftChalk needed a convenient way for Canvas users to insert educational content (such as lessons, quizzes, audio, and video) from SoftChalk Cloud into courses and lessons on Canvas

The LTI Content Selection Tool provides an interface for browsing SoftChalk Content that can be integrated into any Learning Management System (LMS) by making use of the LTI standard.

Took the project from a prototype, enhanced the prototype with AJAX capabilities, and brought it to production

Simple Website Rating Firefox Browser Extension

Feb 2018

Create a Firefox plugin that reports a rating for the current website.

The plugin consults an external source and presents the rating in a popup.


From UpWork

5.00 stars

Justin delivered exactly what I was looking for in less time than anticipated. He's a great communicator and professional. Would definitely be comfortable working with him on future projects. Thanks!

Most popular post for top Medium authors

Aug 2017

Python and Selenium bot that gathers the most popular posts for top medium authors

  • Rate-limiting built in to the bot (to comply with standards from
  • Failover and limited re-attempts to handle page load failures
  • Highly flexible to handle various themes of and blogs with swappable components to automatically detect and handle several blog styles
  • Correctly handles AJAX-heavy lists from with rate-limiting built in
  • Reports user agent to sites to facilitate outreach to the script operator and improve compliance failure resolutions
  • Script reports status and errors and can be restarted from a given index in case of a script-terminating failure


From UpWork

5.00 stars

Justin is a fast and clear communicator. He followed the spec perfectly, his code worked the first time I ran it. I also read through the code and everything was clear and easy to read and modify.

Launch a Java Desktop Application by a Hyperlink Click

Aug 2016 - Nov 2016

SoftChalk needed a convenient, one-click solution to enable lesson creators to edit lessons from SoftChalk Cloud with their Desktop Lesson Software

When a user clicks on a hyperlink in a web browser, launch a desktop application

If the application is not installed, prompt for an installation

Two-page site data browser & file download (, AWS, Bootstrap)

Jul 2015

A responsive file browser for a database hosted on AWS

  • Uses Parse.js and Bootstrap. Retrieves assets from AWS.
  • Responsive to handle mobile and desktop screen sizes


From UpWork

5.00 stars

Justin is skilled and a great communicator. I'd definitely work with him again.

Jan 2015

DogeTab is a hobby project that I developed to study Backbone.js

It is a receipt splitting calculator.

Sole developer and designer.

Canning Calculator

Feb 2014

Web & Mobile Design ui-design, mobile-ui-design, ajax, google-maps-api, css, css3, javascript, html5

The client wanted a calculator application, designed for mobile use, to increase engagement with his users.

I designed the interface from specifications and a rough outline, then implemented a solution to work across browsers.


From UpWork

5.00 stars

Justin asked detailed questions during the hiring process. He showed that he was interested in the project, and that he was considering the ramifications of my project description.

He provided a detailed estimate of the schedule. His estimate was accurate and in line with what I estimated the project to need.

I will definitely work with him again.

Add google map to address selector

Feb 2014

Create a map widget that can autocomplete searches for addresses.

In addition, form fields (address, zip code, etc) are filled from map data if a location is selected on the map.

Uses the Google Maps API, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


From UpWork

5.00 stars

Justin is very 5 star worthy. I think one of his most remarkable skills is instantly understanding the objectives of the job, and executing them perfectly.

Dec 2013

This project was designed to create an actionable interface to view salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

Concept creator and sole developer with rough mockups drawn by a friend

  • Built with Ruby, MySQL, JavaScript, D3, HTML, and CSS
  • Includes scripts that download BLS data, transform it into SQL statements, and insert it into a database.
  • Features a dynamically generated chloropleth to present salary data
  • Provides a Cost of Living adjustment capability to adjust salaries by COLI

Apr 2013

This is a hobby project that I developed to study D3

You can dump spreadsheet data into the text box to generate charts

Sole developer and designer.


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